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Phone Tracker

Our phone tracker is a java application which runs on a mobile phone. It communicates with a an internal GPS modulr or bluetooth GPS device and records the location at intervals.

At the end of a journey, you have the option to save the locations to a memory card or to send them to Motortrace via GPRS. Sending the data to Motortrace allows you to view your journeys on a map, calculate your mileage and generate journey reports

  • No need for an extra GPRS data SIM
  • No need for a tracker unit
  • No installation costs
  • Live location data updated whenever you want
  • Location recorded every few seconds*
  • When uploaded, you can view your journeys for the past week
  • Replay previous journeys
  • Aids driver timesheet generation

* The tracker contains an algorithm which is setup to relay coordinates only when neccessary to minimise data transfer. The time or distance between datapoints is configurable.