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Our vehicle tracking hardware and software is designed to be efficient both for businesses with many vehicles and moveable assets, as well as single home users. Each vehicle is installed with a small device which accurately records its location every few seconds and relays it to a central server. You can login at any time of the day from anywhere in the world and find out where your car is, generate vehicle and driver reports and replay historical journeys. Detailed reports for each journey can be created, keeping accurate records of driver mileage and speed.

The motortrace software can be used with a number of leading hardware platforms depending on the desired functionality. Please contact us with your requirements for impartial advice and further help.


  • Live location data updated every few seconds
  • View data for months after the event
  • Generate many different reports
  • Generate vehicle and driver mileage reports
  • Set points of interest, geofences and alerts
  • Create alarms based on battery voltage, temperature etc.
  • Aids driver timesheet generation
  • Peace of mind knowing where your vehicles are at all times
  • Position can be viewed from any web brower or on a mobile phone/pda



There are many costs to bear in mind when chosing a tracker, including the hardware cost, installation, data transfer, mapping and server costs. Some of our packages include all these in one simple monthly or annual payment.